Typescript Map with Index

Typescript Map with Index

Question: How can one use TypeScript to iterate over an array while accessing both the elements and their corresponding indices, and what is the significance of using a map with index?

Answer: In TypeScript, iterating over an array while simultaneously accessing both the elements and their corresponding indices can be achieved through the use of the map function along with the array's entries() method. The entries() method returns an iterator that produces index/value pairs.

Here's an example:

const myArray: string[] = ["apple", "banana", "cherry"];

const result = myArray.map(([index, value]) => {
// Your logic here using both index and value
return `${value} at index ${index}`;



  • The entries() method is used on myArray, producing an iterator of index/value pairs.
  • The map function then iterates over these pairs, using destructuring to separate the index and value.
  • Inside the map function, you can perform any logic that involves both the index and the corresponding value.
  • In the example, the resulting array (result) contains strings combining the array values and their respective indices.

This approach provides a clean and concise way to work with both the elements and indices of an array in TypeScript, enhancing code readability and maintainability. It is particularly useful when you need to transform or operate on each element in the array based on its index.

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